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financial disaster on one plate and now a national security crisis on the other. cia director is sending shock waves through washington but suddenly resigning over an extramarital affair. plus united states now has only one female democratic governor the quantity is embarrassing, the quality on the other hand is not. new hampshire's mag give hanson is going to end ter "the war room." and the destruction provided by hurricane sandy provided a climate change overhaul. so now what do we do? we'll pose that great to the great bill mckib bonn. it's friday night. we are just getting started. (bleep)ing hat. >> i knew he needed to get out of the house i knew this would give him so much life. >> (grunting) >> i love getting a rise out of him. >> nice, good job. >> (grunts) >> goodnight, muffy. >> goodnight. >> love you. >> "more than me" the world television premier. only on current tv. >> jennifer: what a difference a day makes, yesterday we discussed administration turnover, but tonight president obama has a new unexpected high-level post to fill in his second term. the cia dir
states taking libyans hostage. >> i don't know if you a lot of you heard this, but the c.i.a. had taken a couple of libyan militia members prisoner, and they believe that the attack on the consulate was because of that. he's not been able to communicate with the press. he has known all of this. >> jennifer: hmm. so the c.i.a. called those statements uninformed and basils but itbaseless. she said she later heard that stuff on fox news but fox news never reported it. so then tonight a local north carolina news station reported several fbi agents actually entered paula broadwell's house right now. but wouldn't give any information about what they were doing there. now finally to cap off this monday night of scandal and intrigue there is this bit of information. the wall street journal is now reporting that that fbi agent who launched the investigation into the e-mails and the affair? that that fbi agent was barred from taking part in the investigation because he had a "personal" connection to it. specifically, a specifi connection to jill kelly and the agent sent jill kelly shirtless photo
and the upper echelons of our military. as you know, former four star general and c.i.a. chief david petraeus, here he is, quit last week after admitting that he had an affair with his biographer, paula broadwell. now, paula broadwell allegedly sent threatening e-mails to jill kelley who is a "tampa socialite" who did charitable work for the military. broadwell apparently thought that kelley was also having an affair with petraeus. and upon receiving broadwell's e-mails, kelley contacted the fbi which began investigating. now, jill kelley also has hired crisis communications expert judy smith. she has worked with monica lewinsky with kobe bryant and with former senator larry craig. and that all has a lot of folks scratching their heads. why would a woman who was the target of a nasty e-mail or two need a reputation fixer? well, it turns out that while investigating petraeus, the fbi uncovered 20,000 to 30,000 potentially inappropriate pages of documents mostly e-mails that kelley exchanged with general john allen. and w
? >> right now it's a little bit murky, because the intelligence communities have oversight over the cia, but increasingly the military's joint special operations command is using them in places like yemen and somalia, and the oversight, while fairly good is not quite as extensive as the intelligence side, and there are some gray areas where they almost take turns in shooting these missiles. >> jennifer: it's interesting to me the new war, the new -- whether it is cyber attacks or iron domes or drone technology, all three of those types of technologies would remove the human element at least when you play offense from the equation. does that pose a whole new level of moral choice for the united states? >> it does. as you pointed out, it reduces the risk obviously of american lives being put in jeopardy but leads to the temptation almost to have a push-button war, where you have the ability to strike targets from a long ways away and this would be the weapon of choice. so the ethical question is how much can you use this and how close to civilian populations do you
this country with distinction in iraq afghanistan, and head of c.i.a. people are innocent until proven guilty. >> jennifer: that's president obama speaking out for the first time about the sex scandal that abruptly ended the career of four-star general petraeus. he has a lot of people who saw him as a golden boy wondering what happened to the fellow who could do no wrong. but as tonight's first guest points out generals are human too. thomas ricks is a pulitzer prize author of "the generals." welcome inside "the war room"." >> very appropriate. >> jennifer: you've known petraeus for a very long time, for 15 years. >> since he was a colonel. >> jennifer: were you surprised. >> very surprised. he was the last guy--for good and bad reasons. he was a very disciplined guy and someone who kept an eye on his career. who knew how troublesome this could be and went ahead and did it any ways. that surprised me. on the other hand, you put a healthy human being out in the war zone three tours in iraq, one in afghanistan there are enough stresses that could warp the behavior. i don't know how warped it is
Search Results 0 to 8 of about 9 (some duplicates have been removed)